The Palace of Sports on Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk on April 14-16 turned in the World of Motorcycles and Bicycles. Here, cutting the rear wheel, the III International specialized “Motoveloexpo” exhibition cheerfully ran the show.

“MOTOVELOEXPO” conducted widely and in a big way. The exhibition was held not only in the Palace of Sports, but turned around and at venues around the building.

In the Palace of Sports which traditionally became the main territory “under wheels” the atmosphere was noisy and cheerful since morning.

The exhibition gave the opportunity to choose products from different manufacturers and sellers in one place.

At the exhibition were displayed dozens of models of motorcycles and bicycles for all tastes, including exclusive models. Elements of equipment and accessories, spare parts and oils were exhibited. A real Paradise for lovers of motorcycle and bicycle equipment!

In addition, the first day of the exhibition “MOTOVELOEXPO” has become a platform on which were held negotiations between the bikers and traffic police. For many positions the parties reached a mutual understanding.

This year the exhibition “MOTOVELOEXPO” took place on an unprecedented scale. For participation in it Belarusian capital was visited not only by domestic participants but also companies from Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Namely: “Unidome” (Russia), Tannus (Ukraine), “Professional shooting simulators” (Russia), OOO “Kurs” (Russia), “Rusmarin” (Russia), OOO “Inter trade” (Russia), the Cycling club “Iron Wheels” SPb and other companies.

More than a thousand bikers gathered at the opening of the national motor-season, which took place within the “MOTOVELOEXPO” program.

Colorful representatives of the bike community in support of traffic police passed from the Ice Palace on Pritytskogo street through the streets Kalvaryiskaya, Romanovskaya Sloboda, Nemiga and Pobediteley Avenue to the Palace of Sports. Here began the most interesting.

On the opening of the season and Motul Extreme show the audience left breathless and could only applaud.

In addition, motorcyclists demonstrated their skills in Figured driving, competed in pushing of barrels by front wheel.

At “MOTOVELOEXPO” exhibition “PP Polesie JV”, Ltd. demonstrated their own production for the youngest. The exposition consisted of children's bicycles, wheelchairs, electric cars and other equipment and toys for children - more than 70 products at affordable prices for residents and visitors of Belarus

The mood of guests and exhibitors was warmed up by thematic concert of the famous Belarusian performers. Such groups as "Big Daddy Blues", "Bez paniki", "Female Bend", and other collectives performed alive.

Great attention of “MOTOVELOEXPO-2016” visitors has attracted custom-exposition “Belarus custom and tuning show”. Leading Belarus and other CIS countries workshops  participated in the action. At one site there were about 80 units of custom vehicles: custom-made, "remade", restored or painted with an aerographics.

Experts of the championship became: Jurij Schif, Dmitry Dolnik, Ivan Vabishchevich (Dyadya Vanya), Evgeny Park Road and of course the audience.

The winners in the following nominations were defined:

1. “Best Cafe Racer/Tracker”;

2. “Best Bobber/Chopper”;

3. “Best Free Style”;

4. “Made in the USSR”;

5. “Best Aerographics”;

6. "Best work by the audience"

Guests and participants of the exhibition could even experiment with the image. Trend Barbershop FIRMA invited everyone to make a fashionable haircut absolutely for free. The guys came specially to the exhibition from Brest

The culmination of the “MOTOVELOEXPO-2016” was expensive moped draw held on the last day on April 16.

Each admission ticket automatically became the participant of draw of very worthy prize – the M1NSK D4 50 moped by ООО “MotoVeloZavod” (“MotoVeloZavod”,  LLC).

Photo: V.V. Nikolaenko, the winner of the advertising game “Happy winner MOTOVELOEXPO-2016”.

The company “Exposystems” expresses its gratitude to the blacksmith shop “DimMark”, which produced exclusive rewards for experts and the winners of the Open championship of customizing and airbrushing of motorcycles and bicycles “Belarus custom and tuning show”. Organizers of the “MOTOVELOEXPO” also grateful for the products and certificates to organizational partners: “Minsk Soft Drink Factory”, snack company “Onega”, “Minsk Watch Plant”, typography “Druk-C”, OOO “Ohotkontrakt”   (“Ohotkontrakt”, LLC), network of cafes “Garage”, OOO “AB Ltd” (“AB Ltd”, LLC), official partner of the aerographics contest educational center and school EPIO and “Evroproyekt” company.

See you at the exhibition “MOTOVELOEXPO - 2017”!!!

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